What It’s Like to Live to New York

Here’s a mix of observations and advice from a Southern born-and-raised gal who’s been in New York for nine months: When searching for a place to live, it’s not uncommon to see bedrooms without doors, bathrooms without sinks, kitchens without dishwashers, and apartments without AC. Don’t look at apartment listings when walking by a real estate office. It will only make you sad and wonder how anyone can live here at all.… View Post

Let’s Add Four Hours to the Day

I often think about and hear the phrase, “If only there were more hours in the day.” So I’ve put that wish to deep thought, in hopes of parodying our go-getter, can’t-stop-won’t-stop culture. For those of you who read the New Yorker, this is my own version of Shouts and Murmurs. Tread lightly. Due to the increasing workload and constraints of time on the general population, the United Nations has decided… View Post

Things Social Media Makes Difficult

Sometimes it’s hard to be connected all the time. Here’s a list of whines and woes I often encounter when using social media. Friendship status Being friends with someone in real life is different than being friends with someone online. Often, these worlds collide. What do you do when you see someone you’re friends with online but not in person? (Don’t lie, you know this has happened.) Say hello? Ignore?… View Post

Boredom Banned

Does boredom still exist? From the moment I turn off my iPhone’s alarm (for probably the third or fourth time that morning), my attention is being wrestled for. The various apps almost seem to wink at me from their square homes, vying for the quick press of my thumb. What first? By the time I get out of bed and into the shower, my battery is at 80 percent. It’s… View Post